Ok, just now, just this minute I had a crazy unbelievable desire to sit down for 10 minutes and take the time to just ‘be’… What I mean by that? Exactly THAT.  Just BE….

I’m being me, being Stuart, being a brother, a son, a lover, a fighter…. a friend, a worker, an advisor, a teacher…. a painter, a poet, a dreamer, a traveler….  Take some time to just be YOU…. and send a little of yourself to someone else… a letter, an email, a call, or a prayer…. Break the Silence!!! Be it quiet, be it loud, just be it….

Oh yeah, and check out Davey Wavey on Living the Life of your dreams…. Break the Cycle and just BE!!!    


~ by stuart on September 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “JUST BE!!!”

  1. cK Be?

    I get those urges too. Especially after a long day of reading, writing, strutting, schooling, riding… the metro, blogging, not blogging, texting, expecting, not delivering and iTuning to the nth degree…. I just want to be.

  2. Very well said Stuart. We can all do with those golden moments of clarity and peace. Heart, mind, and body combine to form one voice. Be it loud or faint, serene harmony or righteous unrest it is us. So be!


    • And it’s infectuous too! One of my good friends told me one day, “When I’m around you I feel like I can just be myself.” It made me wonder just how much energy she was expending everyday to ‘be’ someone else! It’s so much simpler to not have to ‘act’ like you, just BE you.

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