Shhh. I have straight friends…

Ok, so this weekend a couple of the ‘boys’ and I are headed off to the lake for a weekend getaway….  No, not like that either.

I seem to have kept a large amount of  ‘split personality’ from the days before I was out; being that for the most part all of my friends, especially guy friends, are straight.  I don’t know if it’s simply the fact that I relate better to straight guys (in all aspects except for the fact that I’m attracted to guys), or if it’s that there’s a whole lot of masculinity lacking in the ‘out’ gay community…

It’s not a matter of sexuality at all.  In fact, the guys I hang out with show a whole lot less ‘judgement’ toward sexuality than most if not ALL of my gay friends.  I think we as a community, and men in particular, need to keep open those opportunities for good old fashion male companionship and friendship… I know I look forward to hanging out with the guys and it looks to be a great weekend…. food, camping, male irresponsibility and sweeeeet memories…. Two faced?  I don’t think so, but, that’s just me.


~ by stuart on September 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Shhh. I have straight friends…”

  1. Stuart,

    Nothing wrong with guy time. It’s something we don’t get a lot of in the gay community. It gets a little to sexual at times and friends and relationships can cross paths. besides it can be nice to just be relaxed with people who have no investment in you except being friends. So have fun! 🙂

    Oh love the new blog design except the black comment boxes. Maybe a lighter color to those for easier reading?


    • ok, so guys weekend at the lake was a fantastic time! I’ll post some pictures and video soon… thanks for the comments and perspective, oh, and i’ll work on the comment boxes also 🙂 XOXOXO -Stu

  2. I so feel you on that, Stuart. I love guy time, with, no especially with, straight guys. That’s what I am attracted to. I’m glad you had fun at the bay, sorry I couldn’t go, but I would have ruined it for you with my hundred health precautions and stuff. Sad that I had to meet you right when the weather gets cold. To future camping days!

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