You are BEAUTIFUL… a self portrait for everyone

I think it’s rare that we get to actually catch a glimpse of ourselves in ways other than getting ready for work/school in the morning mirror, or the occasional glance in the rearview  mirror.

I do however, think that it’s very important to take a good luck at myself once in awhile.  To see ourselves the way others see us, or the way we see ourselves from the inside out.

When working on this self portrait, my mind was consumed by thoughts of how I really see myself.  While I am no cassa nova with an admirable physical beauty, I do believe that what beauty I contain within myself does affect the way others see me physically.  The same goes for all of us.  I think this is a beautiful quote, and I strive (though often fail) to live by this everyday…

“He who knows others is wise; he who know himself is enlightened.” -Lao-tzu

I believe that we have an inner self to explore and that we need to be willing to let ourselves develop our innate talents and gifts.  What we posses inside will always reflect on the outside.  Often beautifully!

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very important to take care of the way we look.  Exercise, eating healthy, taking care of our skin, dressing well.  All of these things are important because they accentuate the positive things within.  They make us feel better about the way we portray ourselves to the world, and the way we look when we do glance in the mirror.  But beauty indeed does fade if it is only skin deep.  Beauty that comes from within can last forever, long after our bones are buried and turned to dust.

I hope you enjoy taking a minute with my “SelfPortraitStu1” and “SelfPortraitStu2”, I enjoyed creating them.  And I’m enjoying the continual creation that is myself…. I can always become more beautiful.  But more than that I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy the self portrait that is YOU!  The you that laughs, and loves.  The you that cares, and nurtures.  The you that mothers, or fathers; befriends and confides.   The you that can ONLY BE YOU!!! You are unique, inside and out…. and I for one think  you are BEAUTIFUL!

Love and Peace,



~ by stuart on September 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “You are BEAUTIFUL… a self portrait for everyone”

  1. That was a beautiful piece of prose, Stuart! You are so right, and that’s why I have created my business, Mike’s Body Shop, on that basis. The body encompasses the realms of the physical, mental, and emotional or spiritual. Neglecting one will always damage the others. Good on ya, boy. I look forward to helping you with any of all three of your realms when you are ready, if you want my help.

  2. Beautiful Stuart! Sometimes in life’s distractions we can forget the smaller things that reinforce us. It’s good to have reminders and help each other see our beauty. Thanks! Beautifully written as always.


  3. Eccellente!!! Bravo

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