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Ok, just now, just this minute I had a crazy unbelievable desire to sit down for 10 minutes and take the time to just ‘be’… What I mean by that? Exactly THAT.  Just BE….

I’m being me, being Stuart, being a brother, a son, a lover, a fighter…. a friend, a worker, an advisor, a teacher…. a painter, a poet, a dreamer, a traveler….  Take some time to just be YOU…. and send a little of yourself to someone else… a letter, an email, a call, or a prayer…. Break the Silence!!! Be it quiet, be it loud, just be it….

Oh yeah, and check out Davey Wavey on Living the Life of your dreams…. Break the Cycle and just BE!!!    


& action… paused

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Ok, so, just thinking about someone…. yeah, that one.  It’s been so long and I still come back to this.  Everything I see, everything I do is a reminder.  Some good and some not so much, but all a pathway and a stairwell to where I am now.  So where am I now?  I don’t know, and I don’t want to… I just want to keep following the path.  It lead me to where i am, it led to us, it’s lead to new horizons,  and it will lead me back.  or not.  guess the path isn’t always marked… but it’s always there. ( ILY )…… -me

A few older pieces

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Here are a couple images of some of my older work.  Not the greatest images, but you get the general concept…

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Really gonna do it

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Ok, so I wrote a new  blog post last night and i’m actually going to post it…. i’ve got like 3 others that i’ll post soon… hope everyone’s doing great!  Lots of LOVE!!!! bi=tches!


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Ok, so this is my first blog entry… Wow, what a completely satisfactory moment!!  So what am I going to talk about? First this is mainly a place for me to share my art with whoever wants to share the experience.  I’ll be putting up pieces i’ve done in the past, as well as sharing my new projects.  Second, I was inspired to share little tidbits from the treasure trove of my mind as well as that of my friends.   Some experiences I’ll share, some I’ll save for me, and some have yet to be discovered…  so this is my blog, welcome, you might learn a little bit about me if you want to. But mostly I’ll be talking about you. 🙂 No, really, I will. Thank god I can change this cause I had all this stuff to talk about and now I’m drawing blanks. (drawing boys, not shooting)….. Ok, I’ll post again soon, once all the atoms return to normal… LOVE LVOE EVLO

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